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As all of you know we’ve been in the skin care business for over 30 years. For 18 years our Arizona Sun customers have asked us to develop a personal lubricant. We have heard from our customers both single and married (newly wed and 60 years married), women who are "pre- and post- menopausal, experience vaginal dryness, heterosexual, homosexual or what ever our customer base sexual persuasion may be, (we don't ask) ...........they know they need extra help!

Well we finally listened! We started experimenting with some new ingredients and developed the slipperiest liquid we could imagine. Voila....our new personal lubricant. When people came by our skin care corporation we gave them samples of our new lubrication, "DewDrops®". A name you are not embarrassed to ask for! Packaging that is very discreet! They loved it! They all wanted to Field Test the "DewDrops®" for us, so we gave them a little bottle of "love".

Our friends, business associates, and people we have known for 30 years told us that DewDrops® is the best, most fabulous personal lubricant they had ever tried. When they told us their experience with "DewDrops®" it was always with a smile on their face. Everyone wanted samples. So we gave out more and more samples and had even more requests. We finally decided to bring DewDrops® to the market. Today every batch still starts with quality ingredients blended for the perfect personal lubricant just like all our fine Arizona Sun products.

Our commitment to quality extends to 30 years of superior customer service. Whether you're ordering for yourself or as a gift, you are assured the best quality lubricant anywhere in the world with complete satisfaction.

Thank you for being a part of our "World Famous" 30 year success story "Arizona Sun" and our new DewDrops® fairytale! Enjoy, have fun. We try and fill your fantasies!

Filling Fantasies L.L.C. (our new company )


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