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Silicone Sex Lube, Water Based Sex Lube, Vaginal Dryness

Silicone based sexual lubricant

Formula that stays wet for a long -long time. You won't believe how good sex can feel until you have used DewDrops® silicone sex lube. This silicone Sex lubricant keeps your private parts slippery and reduces the risk of condom tears, so it not only feels good but provides more protection than sex without lubrication. It is so silky smooth and wet that you can even use it in water. We definitely recommend the silicone formula for anal sex as an anal lube. Highly recommended to ease vaginal dryness as well. While vaginal dryness can be caused by many reasons, including medical conditions from menopause to Sjogrens disease, DewDrops lubricant can make your sex life a pleasurable experience again! It comes off easily with soap and water and can also be used as a skin moisturizer to soften the skin.

Water based formula

DewDrops® water based lubricant doesn't last as long as the silicone formula but cleans off easily with water. You will need to re-apply more frequently than the silicone when experiencing vaginal dryness, but is still safer and feels better than going au naturale!