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Testimonials - Filling Fantasies Lube

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Best lube on market!
We love your DewDrops®. Makes our love making so much easier. I never have to worry if I am going to get wet or not. Thanks so much for taking the guess work out of sex!
Comments by Vivian and Henri
Love your silicone DewDrops®!
We have tried so many other products, yours is the best! Thanks again and again and again.
Comments by Gary and Linda
This was my first lubricant, and my expectations were truly met! I came within the two minutes after putting the stuff on. And when I say I came...
Comments by Sandy
Wow wow wow
Wow wow wow and wow again this is amazing ladies, i didnt think this stuff would be that good but wow,xxxxx wow xxxxxxx DewDrops® gives me a reason to want to get to me hubby every night!!
Comments by Emma
Best lubricant we have ever used,never fails to satisfy.
Comments by Hillary and Jenny
Ohhhhh Myyyyy Goddddd!!!!!!!!
Ohhhhh Myyyyy Goddddd!!!!!!!! This is the most amazing lube I have ever used. I keep buying more because I am having so much fun. Nothing has ever, everrrr compared to this stuff. Whoa baby!
Comments by Gail and Robert
Wow.... words just can't describe just how amazing this DewDrops® is. I find it hard getting out of bed i just want to stay there all day!
Comments by Kendra
Girls.....you don't know what you're missing!!!!
My husband bought me a bottle of Silcone "DewDrops®" on the internet last year. We don't have sex shops in my small town so I was excited to get it and I love the discreet shipping. I have not wanted to have sex for a long time because it hurt too much. The first time I tried your lubricant I thought I had died and gone to heaven...the sensation was like no feeling I had ever had! I strongly urge every female to get this lubricant...you don't know what you're missing!!!!
Comments by Sheila
Fullfilled our nights
We were introduced to your products last year by my gynecologist. She said it was the best lubricant she had ever tried. She was right! Many many thanks! I love the fact that it is gynecologist recommended!
Comments by Joel and Renee
This stuff be damn good!
We love this stuff! Be bitchin bad!
Comments by Abe and Verona
Best lubes!
We love your DewDrops® especially with our big nasty dildoes and rabbit vibrators! Also works wonderfully for those English grocery store cucumbers! Silicone lubes the best! Thanks
Comments by Gina and Patty
Best Vaginal Lubricant!
My gynecologist told me about this product. I have had a problem for years with other products always giving me a yeast infection after I had sex. Your product has made my sex life enjoyable again. My doctor was right! Many thanks.
Comments by Amy
Whoa. The silicone is our favorite. A few drops and YEE HA! Everytime we have sex its like a all nighter with your DewDrops®. We have tried to outlast the your product but can't seem to keep up with it! Great stuff.
Comments by Tim and Wedy